It was inevitable Ava Max would earn herself a hit song, but perhaps it was the sheer scale of International acclaim earned by the track “Sweet but Psycho” which greatly took everyone by surprise. I mean is there anywhere left in the world which hasn’t been touched by that song? Some high profile collaborations (with David Guetta and feature with Vice and Jason Derulo) on the way to scoring that undisputed smash-hit of a song clearly played a strong part in the Albanian-American pop sensations rise to success. Now she has caught the attention of much of the world stage it is time to unleash an equally engaging follow-up release. And this comes in way of “So Am I,” another fiery empowerment anthem.

I love the way this lady takes pride in embracing, unabashed pop euphoria as a style to work in. She has a sweet vibe which in the first instance is a big attention grabber. While we are mesmerised by the catchiest melodies, Ava’s confident vocal style ensures the lyrics and their meaning cut through the song, in turn leaping into our consciousness. “So Am I” promotes a positive message about inclusivity and acceptance. Highlighting that the quirks, idiosyncrasies and flaws in our human make-up are what make us each beautifully unique.

It is a powerful topic for a pop song to implement in the current social climate. Yet so needy and required, especially when it comes to this generations impressionable youngsters. Realising this Ava has also made an empowering statement in the music video of the track. It is quite fitting that she has chosen an environment which many young people have found it difficult to fit in and belong. The clip sees the singer heading back to the classroom where she hangs out with the students. Spreading her message about learning to love ourselves first. Which she instigates with a vibrant dance routine.

Whatever the future holds, whether she develops into the next big pop star or not. It cannot be denied Ava Max is a fascinating and original artist adding the right kind of colour to the world of music.

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