The scorching hot weather experienced throughout the UK and some parts of Europe had me feeling quite melty and lethargic last week. Because of the sweltering heat. I didn’t much feel like listening to summer anthems during those days. My thoughts instead turned to reaching for music that might help with both equally having a soothing effect on me and of cooling me down. For me, this meant checking out a track named “Snowblind.” It is the introduction single of the Icelandic singer-songwriter Ásgeir upcoming album “Time On My Hands.” (Releasing on October 28 via, One Little Independent Records).

From my previous experiences with the music of Ásgeir. He always could aid relaxation and promote a sense of descending calm. Also, his is the music that brings to mind thoughts of escapism to the fore. This is because the Icelandic landscape of his homeland is evocatively present within all of the music he creates. The styles he uses captures the essence of the vastness of the mountain ranges, glacial rivers and volcanic landscapes. Ásgeir’s dreamy vocal, on the other hand, is the embodiment of self-control. And brings calm into any situation.

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It pleases me. Synthesizers have a prominent part in this track than in many of his other pieces. He uses them more boldly when creating this moody soundscape. In choosing the Búrfell hydropower plant for the location. Director Erlendur Sveinsson leans towards sci-fi influences for this video. “There is something so fascinating about these massive concrete structures in the vast landscape,” Sveinsson explains while further saying the clip…

“Is a dystopian tale about a family journeying through the mystical landscape of the Icelandic highland, escaping their past, and in search of a higher power”.

For a full four minutes. I forgot how weary and overheated I was feeling owing to this strikingly shot video combined with the power of my mind. Due to the video and the song’s effect, I felt cooled, and my racing heartbeat slowed back down. A bit of winter in July quenched my soul, it seems.

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