It’s not just the New Zealanders who excel in the alternative pop arena you know. Their antipodean neighbours in Australia have been very prominent in nurturing a fair share of their own home grown talent, who traverse the off-beat side of planet pop.

Melbourne native Olympia is one such artiste who has set herself quite a president on her home turf for her magnetically, captivating, left-of-field tune making, which has already seen her debut album “Self Talk” short-listed for the prestigious Australian Music Prize and nodded with an ARIA nomination.

After her meteoric rise to critical acclaim down-under, Olympia is hungry to snap up some further pommy fans in us Brits, who savour our pop served on the eclectically leaning side of the indie shaped curve. “Smoke Signals” is where we get our first official taste of Olympia’s intrinsically stylish and forward thinking brand of music. It not only introduces us to Olympia’s tunes full of pep and spark but also to the Melbournian’s wonderfully caramel dipped vocals which possess the power to send shimmery shivers of pure unadulterated, creative synergy coursing through your veins.

Overall there’s a nice new-age sensible kind of vibe through this, but there’s an influence of folky nostalgia too.

Well that’s my honest experience of what it is! After stealing a sneaky listen to the album I can already feel the tug of a new obsession brewing.

I don’t massively understand what’s to do with the video though. Although, I can tell you this much. Olympia, was born to wear a cape! It suits her so well. So are we welcoming into our sights a new pop crusader? Only time will tell on that. If anyway my suspicions prove me right, I’m buckling up for what appears to be an invigorating ride.