Back in the height of summer, an emerging native New York singing/songwriting/musicianship force was brought to our attention. His name is Stefan Alexander. Of whom, we considered ourselves lucky to have sneaked a hot little preview of the captivatingly, brilliant debut single “Skeleton”, which in turn had us buzzing with excite to the point of eruption from the very quick minute we scored our first listen.

Driven by tribal rhythms over sonic beats, “Skeleton’s” up tempo pace had the power to race across the dancefloor as much as steaming its way with its haunting melody, gripped intently in our minds for the duration up until now as the supporting music video arrives.

There is no questioning of Stefan Alexander’s artistry. It is FAB and this poignant debut track written about blurring the lines between friendship and romance, remains beguilingly deceptive of the power it possesses being that it quite had the ability to have us spun under its spell, in a nanosecond of what it takes to blink an eye.

Ultimately we’re left thinking that Stefan might just be a Years & Years fan because this video doesn’t half appear cast in the same mold as the trios, preferred contemporary dance expressive vignettes. Like Years & Years earliest videos, the biggest example “Take Shelter” a fusion of hypnotic melody seen through the visual mystique from within the natural world at large. The similarity extends to the wandering hands which maybe perchance, smack a nod of inspiration to the “King” video. Not only this, there has to be something of greater significance owing to the shared Surname. Too many parallels drawn to be strictly by chance occurrences. Or is there something spookily uncanny at play here? Hoping when the follow-up single drops, we might just have more of an answer to our many questions.

As it stands “Skeleton” in all its visual glory, is even more enchanting than when we were first knocked sideways in fascination with it.