A lot of music offerings at the moment are sprinkled with Christmas glitter. Regardless as, always, I’m still interested in sifting out some good emerging new acts and tasty under the radar track releases. Pop newcomer Binoy is an artist who was brought to my attention a short while ago by way of his buzzy synth-pop effort “Cruel Intentions.” A captivating pop song, melodically spry enough to light up a dimly lit room. He’s back with the track “Silver Lake” for December and showing us a different, softer side of his pop dynamic.

Quieter, gentle. Soul-stirring and tender. Binoy is ready to share intimate, narratives, which tell his story far more engagingly than any bio could. Whispy, dreamy sonics. A few glinting strokes of a guitar. A vocal steeped in sentiment and emotive softness. The scene is set for sharing, honest truths, a coming-of-age love story.

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Binoy opened up about the deeper meanings behind the new video: 

“My biggest goal for this video was to create a sense of intimacy beyond just two people dancing in a room. Growing up in a conservative environment, I never got to see on screen someone who looked like me chasing the kind of love that I wanted. So in many ways, it feels like I made this for my younger self. Well, maybe my younger self would have preferred if I got the guy, but that’ll be a story for another time.”

To tell the truth, I quite forgot I was watching a music video for a moment. As I became instantly absorbed in the beautiful unfolding story. The clip directed by Ryan Hutchins has the feel of, an, endearing biographical movie production, or at the very least a trailer for such like. The clip arcs with emotive tenderness and meaningful storytelling of companionship and finding love. It brings on the warm fuzzy feelings. The mood is absolutely perfect for winter nights cosied up on the sofa. Watching this video will certainly, encourage a rosy glow to break out across your face and your heart.

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