There is nothing so beautiful as someone being true to their self. It sparks a radiance in people as a whole. If you’re aware of former Christian rocker Trey Pearson’s coming out story, then you’ll know that his journey of self-acceptance and coming out is an inspiring one.

Of course it is such a, personal and pivotal point to reach but having the courage to share your story can only lead to send out a positive message.

What you might not know though, is that Trey has since branched out into a solo music career and the style of sound he is going with is somewhat softer focused pop. Rich with melody and a strong electronic influence. This is nothing in comparison to the supporting video though which mirrors Trey’s journey to enlightenment.
Take heart. The world is changing, this poignantly heartfelt video affirms it.

No more writing needed on this. What the video conveys speaks more volumes than words.