EQ Music is proud to present the brand new lyric video for “Silent Morning” by Parralox featuring Ryan Adamés.

This new collaboration on the seminal Noel classic has been months in the planning and in just a few short hours, the single will be available worldwide via iTunes.

With the massive response that the lyric video for “Sharper Than A Knife” got on Popjustice, Parralox have decided to embrace their genius lyric video concept for all future single releases. In this extraordinary lyric video concept, we see classic pop single and album covers come to life in a unique and refreshing way that engages the viewer, jogs their pop culture memory and hooks them into the song.

What do you think of this concept for lyric videos? After watching the lyric video for “Silent Morning”, check out the previously released lyric video for “Sharper Than A Knife”.

The official music video for “Silent Morning” will debut in May and was shot in Miami during the 2013 Winter Music Conference. We’ve seen the rushes and yes, it’s super sexy…

“Silent Morning” Lyric Video by Parralox ft. Ryan Adamés

“Sharper Than A Knife” Lyric Video by Parralox