It is wonderful to have German producer Roosevelt back with a new track. “Sign” is the first new single since his sophomore album “Young Romance in 2018. Roosevelt alias Marius Lauber has previously shown he can be relied upon to offer up smooth synths and soothing sounds. While being neon baked and lucidly danceable. With the “Sign” he’s gone in, on this style again. Treating our ears to shimmer, wistfulness and dreamy vibes.

The importance of tracks like this, at times like these, shouldn’t be given the quick brush-off. Softer sounds balance out the loudly euphoric beats of rousing summer anthems. The mellow melodies are an instant reminder in themselves that it is an informed choice to ease-up with the rushing around and, be kinder to ourselves once in a while. Before we hurtle back into the chaos of work/life balancing and the general hustle of day-to-day living.

As Roosevelt reveals…
“I found it really, inspiring to make something that’s initially made for listening alone on your headphones, but that hopefully can come alive in the near future, when played out at a dance club or festival and create a form of unity again.“

Knowing some of the inspiration behind the track, thanks to Marius. I feel properly, connected to it. The fading out, of police sirens, as heard in the intro section, which is replaced with the soft pulses of dreamy electronica. Establishes, the track is one of embracing, change, of fresh & energizing summertime listening. The music video, on the other hand. Is the sum of Marius reaching out with the plea, “give me a sign of your love.” Seen using his favourite forms of electronic communication, keyboards, controllers and mixer set-ups.

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