I know as I have been away on vacation that it’s been a hot minute since I last shared with you a stellar new music release. This time on my return, rather than wading through the submissions pile, I knew I had a really special, song “Other Side” by the rising singer-songwriter talent Emma McGrath to write about. Plus, lately, I’ve really been of the feeling this summer isn’t playing to provide the usual slew-on-slew trend of power anthems as has been the case in previous years. Maybe this is another shift in music trends or that listeners and consumers are becoming just a little more discerning than normal with their music choices.

Emma has a smoky, distinctive voice. It is rather good in this instance that for once, I’m not finding her vocal style comparable to, anyone else in her generation in particular. As a singer, she is more soulful than her peers. As a songwriter, there is a notable maturity in her lyrics. The music is more about substance than trends. Her music is no less enjoyable because of this. Quite the opposite. The nineteen-year-old is carving a path which best suits in with her style of mellow vocal delivery and poignant lyricism.

Other Side” is the first song I wrote in the US. The song started out with my best mate Alfie and I deciding we needed a quality country song, but it very, very quickly turned into something else! The song is about needing honesty; I can’t fix any of your problems, but I’ll promise to be there and help you through the ups and downs of life. I’m almost asking for permission, not wanting to give my all to something for fear of being let down; I’m searching for reassurance.” – Emma McGrath

Since she first began writing her own material in 2013, I consider the new track as the finest work she has ever produced. Musically it is beautiful in its simplicity. Her honeyed voice is a top draw, as it should be. So soothing, divine, and blissful on the eardrums. The music video has a beautiful story within. A blossoming romance. Not staged, it’s all for real, as the clip features Emma’s girlfriend. Previously, the singer has trended in the Top 10 on the Spotify US Viral 50 Chart. Her sultry vocal hooks are set to resonate through the masses to further acclaim when her upcoming four-track EP, is released this Autumn.

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