Singer-songwriter Greyson Chance has already had a great run in the music business, stemming from his particularly memorable take on the track “Paparazzi” by Lady Gaga, which went viral on YouTube back in 2010. From that point onwards the youngster’s career in music really took off. The streaming milestones have never stopped coming. He has continually worked on his style and sound and managed to fit a stint at university into his list of successes. From boy to man, the media spotlight has been on him. With his current release “Shut Up” now out it is finally time for EQ Music Blog to jump on the Greyson Chance train of support.

Actually, I was quite gobsmacked when I heard this new track of Greyson’s, being that I hadn’t checked in on what he was doing in quite some time. The soulful quality in his vocals has improved to no end, in fact, his entire vocal range right up into the lofty falsetto register, superb. Oh and don’t get me started on the vocal control, just don’t. Two words will suffice. World class. Who would have suspected that the kid who was beamed live on Ellen singing his tribute to Lady Gaga would turn out so damn so, swoony and easy on the eye, huh?

This single is the first release to be lifted off his upcoming album “Portraits.” I think you’ll agree with me it is a very candid title for an album, one which, we can feel certain he is going to share some true life stories. Also some important revelations maybe, but going on the openly honest narrative of the song “Shut Up” it is going to be super personal.

I adore this music video. Although I thought I was done for the moment Greyson appeared, looking into his eyes, truly felt as though I was looking into his soul. He’s got that electric connection down to an art. The clip follows several couples trying to figure out where they are headed. Are they friends or something more. They come to realise in the end in that flash moment of all or nothing, that actions do in fact speak louder than words.

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