Lola Blanc

Photo: Josef Jasso

We are eager to hear what the colourful pop character Lola Blanc has in-store for us on her forthcoming debut EP after we we’re recently appeased with the fizzy pop insight of playful track “Shangri-La”, since this has only built on our anticipation for it.

As we are now given the word on a new track “Shut The Damn Door”, here is a bonus, as we are able to see Lola in all her visually striking glory in video format also.

Shut The Damn Door” still plays along a fun-loving pop vibe to which we have become accustomed with, although there is some notable growth of maturity that seeps from this one, that comes by not fully giving over it’s glistening pop features to a headily full-on and driving dance beat.

Recounting her school days Lola, takes us back to prom night, whilst stirring up memories of prepubescent school girl crushes (and that includes teachers!), which we are informed Lola was inspired to write giving a girl’s perspective upon the seminal classic Police track “Don’t Stand So Close To Me”.

Sweetly giving of pop candy status, “Shut The Damn Door” is in turn endearingly relatable whilst also showcasing upon Lola’s tongue-in-cheek aura and is a step up from Lola’s previously unabashedly exuberant pop efforts.

Long time, EQ readers especially should make sure to properly check out Lola’s backup girl group for the return of a once familiar face to EQ, that of the musician, “Supernatural” dance pop diva and now mostly beauty entrepreneur Doe Deere, who we might add is looking as beautified lovely as ever!