X Factor Season 2010 cutie pie Gamu, stole the nations hearts with her strength of character and depth of soulful performance, but alas the X Factor wannabe’s time was cut short before we fully got to know her.

What we did become aware of however in the intervening period, is that the plucky youngster had the spirit of self belief and that giving up on her dream was never an option, when she had a fanbase of X Factor viewers keen to stand by her in earnest, to hear more of her bluesy soul tempered, pop influenced unions.

Two years down the line, Gamu steps back into the limelight to unveil news of her forthcoming album “A Love Like This” and to debut her first track “Shake The Room”.

Gamu has gone all Motown queen funky on us, from her flapper and shift dresses, up to her earring hoops and back down again to her soultrain moves. I don’t think I’ve seen anything quite as blatantly old-skool, nu-skool, hipster cool as this from a lone female artist since Duffy’sMercy” to be perfectly honest and we all know how mega received that was!

Gamu doesn’t solely sell-out on just the funky soul of the golden era though, she peps up to deliver a Salt’n’Pepa rap, which when shaken over this track brings out the flavour on her mashed potato moves and Nu Vintage groove styling.

[youtube height=”360″ width=”640″]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mM7Hbh2xMSw[/youtube]