Gimm And Icky

Photo: Chase Clayton

Ross Lara’s production studio Ghostlab turns out the winning goods again.

Formerly we have witnessed the accomplished American producer’s involvements with chart topping acts Paul Oakenfold and Cher, but equally the Ghostlab brand is just as clued up with emerging new talent also, as previously brought to our attention through works with Eskay and Aubrn Jafar.

Latest source of talent to steam its way on out of the Ghostlab comes via Nashville based synth pop duo Gimm+Icky, whose career path has been set on an upward curve practically from their inception a little over a year ago when their first recording “It Starts Tonight” began to pick up TV placements for the Nickelodeon and ABC networks amongst a host of others.

With such an encouraging continuing interest behind them, Tripp Wier and Geoff Garrison AKA Gimm+Icky issue their awesome Ghostlab produced popaliciously bouncy, official debut single “Shake That”.

The debut which has not only been co-produced by Ross Lara alongside Micah Wilshire, has received remix treatment from the talented producer also and it delivers an impressive headrush of infectiously frenetic electro pop buzz, that effortlessly moulds itself around the combination of raspy pop-rock vocals which goes on to trip on the gas tap to release a slick fresh injection of rapping and a ferociously juicy funk hot groove.

Whilst there is alot of shifting in movement of style going on in this track, it ultimately triumphs as a juggernaut of club stomping proportions as it is expertly executed by all concerned. It doesn’t surprise us that Gimm+Icky just signed a deal with HitShop/Warner Bros.

Shake That” has also seen remix heavyweights Jump Smokers and Papercha$er call the shots on it, but you can play, repeat and enjoy Ross Lara’s rad beast of a remix for FREE DOWNLOAD from the Soundcloud.