When a band puts out a statement saying they are going a break. I tend to be of the opinion it is just a gentler way of informing fans, their project has come to a natural end. Perhaps I am too pessimistic in my overall outlook of the fickle world of pop music, but that’s my realist thinking mindset for you. When I saw the small but perfectly to the point announcement last week from Alphabeat hinting at making a comeback. I must admit to being completely taken by surprise. They really had been quiet as mice, keeping this kind of news about their reforming and recording process to themselves. Good on them, for bringing some excitement by way of a new single “Shadows” to the slow music month of February. It was just the kind of news I needed to see me through the week.

You should know I was invested in this new Alphabeat track before the Jonas Brothers dropped their own comeback announcement. As the week wore on, and the hype for both band comeback’s entered their final days my excitement for the Danes return just kept getting stronger. I never had any doubts, I knew Alphabeat would deliver nothing less than a full-on bop. My delight upon hearing “Shadows” for the first time, saw my neighbours get, an earth-shattering SQUEE of approval from me in complement to their first morning coffee of the day. I’m sure they are wishing I would take some one to one signing lessons, for sure.

It’s been about six years since they went on hiatus, but if you were not aware of this fact, to begin with, you probably wouldn’t have any cause to think that way at all. The magic is still very much there, the connection, the electrifying energy, all of it recaptured like it has been dug up from out of a time capsule that’s had its lid prised open and spilt its uncontainable vibrant spirit into the world. My world feels a much better place with Alphabeat back in it. With the news, more new music and an album are slated for release later in the year. I really am more excitable for new future pop in general than I was this time last week.

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