Naked Highway 1

Photo: Amiee Stubbs

If it is that you’re going to take a break from the original track material and opt for doing a cover, then there is nothing remotely wrong in choosing upon any one of Laura Branigan’s disco classics.

If you happen to be the electro glam New Yorkers Naked Highway of course, we know that we can be surely guaranteed a full fruity spin on it! As such, singer Sy Bocarri has plumped for “Self Control” being that it is one of his all time favourites.

Giving the original a shiny new, disco/nu-wave makeover, Sy Bocarri and David Lee Rotten get into the provocative vibe of the disco staple by positively smouldering a vocally emotive sheen branded in homage upon the sensual lyrical input.

True to form, we should also expect that the NYC dance floor darlings have run a little bit wild in presenting a video clip! Scoring in at #NSFW, the clip injects a hint of Madonna’s “Erotica” into it’s risqué manner, but given that it was actually set in a NYC sex club and features adult film star Aleks Buldoek, really seems to have been the fuel to have set the bar at almost x-rated.

For your further information, there is absolutely no removal of clothing within this clip! So the words of Jermaine Jackson do ring true, “we don’t have to take our clothes off to have a good time” or in this case a slightly naughty time.

In any event, that would just detract from the dance floor fizzing, synth smashing track itself, and that really would be a dizzy thing to be doing!