Brighton duo Miamigo have been steadily inching themselves into the spotlight, quite literally so, as the outfits initial input came enveloped in a guise of some enigmatic obscurity.

Playing your live music debut on a festival stage at The Great Escape, could be seen as putting yourself out there directly into the lions den but for Miamigo at least, it has been the biting point of all good things. Where the duo have now completed a number of live dates on their home turf and over the border into the smoke of London.

Additionally received of the “Hard To Love” EP this summer, Miamigo went on to reveal a superbly crisp production which took in an infinite amount of 80’s popology on board.

This has continued to become further indicative of Miamigo’s signature sound when sophomore EP “Soda-Lime Love” recently dropped.

I quite expect these two to hit the festival circuit even harder next year, since the music moreover, has the required flair about it, which I feel translates to a larger extent to that of live audience. This being the case

I think it’s really about time the figures behind Miamigo shook off some more of their concealed identity to be ready for when the promotion machine goes up a gear. As their fresh sounds are gathering up momentum in causing the right kind of commotion and support.

Still considered a fairly new concern, the band aesthetic leads largely by the DIY approach, but you know the duo are gradually beginning to get it down to an art now. As from the “Soda-Lime Love” EP track “Seeing Two” is the choosen one to receive some visual treatment love.

The way in which this video is shot is very in-keeping of a vintage feel and there were parts of it in which I had to remind myself I wasn’t actually watching Wet Wet Wet’s “Love Is All Around” video, as for more than a split second I thought I might be.

However, in thinking about it some more the overall soundscape of “Seeing Two” would fit right into the Wet Wet Wet era.

What goes around, comes around and hopefully Miamigo will be image ready for it when it does.