Singer-songwriter newcomer Rajiv’s latest single “See You Dance” is a song which has got me heated up ready for the bank holiday weekend to come around fast. The plan is, to let my hair down, and hopefully enjoy some glorious weather (if it is still hanging around.) Maybe turn-up the stereo loud and allow the power of music to bring a party into my living room. After checking out the Essex raised singers current offering with “See You Dance“, I think there’s every possible chance I will be dancing around to this very, tune.

Rajiv has mobilized all of his strengths on this song, it starts quite staccato and punchy but gradually shifts into full dance mode, on the chorus. It’s not until we arrive at the dynamic refrain that we get a hint of the singer’s influences in music. It’s rather hard not to miss his little stylistic nods in acknowledgement to The Weeknd, Bruno Mars and Craig David. Another thing I have noticed about the song is how clever, Rajiv’s artistry must be, that it allows him to switch from pop opera to have us dancing, in the matter of a split-second.

It isn’t only the song which impresses me we can thank the pop Gods the singer has used some, creative thought when putting together the music video. We all know that dance music video’s usually contain scenes of people dancing and even though it fits in with the music, more often than not, it ends up looking unoriginal and boring. Pleasantly there is no such lack of creative thought with the “See You Dance” visual. The clip is set-up, in a tech research laboratory turned dance studio, and Rajiv plays the role of a man-like creation brought to life by a scientist, who tries various ways of programming him to dance. When it comes down to it, no computer programme works, but the scientist’s lab assistant weird science ways turn out to be the key to unlocking the Rajiv-droids dance moves. Rajiv has fallen wide of the trap where a lot of dance-pop songs tend to end up, instead he has crafted a pop song and strong lyrical visuals with enough personality to leave a mark.

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