You know, until The BBC Sound Of 2021 runner-up Holly Humberstone released “The Walls Are Way Too Thin“, the title track of her upcoming EP. I couldn’t see myself writing about her anytime soon. Her dark, moody tracks, being heavy and affecting, although not so much melodically engaging. Her lyrics, on the other hand, showing enormous vulnerability and openness, was of more interest to me. Since the initial buzz settled a bit and the promotion of the sophomore EP “The Walls Are Way Too Thin” began. I have been more invested in the new tracks. The introduction of sonic and electronic elements peppered alongside the piano and guitar-led structure of her debut offerings. Are personally more appealing to me. On the new single, “Scarlett“, Holly gives me the best of both worlds.

Premiered on Radio One Future Sounds this week with new host Clara Amfo in the chair. Holly spoke about the song “Scarlett” as being inspired by the toxic relationship and break-up her best friend was going through. How she (Holly) watched the relationship unravel while being her friend Scarlett’s confidant and listening ear. (Listen to the full interview HERE).

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Holly’s folky, soulful voice really, oozes into the lushness of the sonic soundscape on this track. So soothing among the driving, electronic beats which underpin the melody. The Raja Virdi directed music video connects the dots between the lyrical narrative and visual. He presents Holly (passenger) with her friend Scarlett (driving) making, a getaway on a flatbed truck. Like Thelma and Louise. Only this time, it is Holly and Scarlett who are leaving the trauma behind. Encapsulated by the freedom and empowerment of this new mood. I don’t want to drop any more spoilers. I’m hoping that the ending won’t be as untimely as Thelma and Louise because the EP is stacking up great. And I sense it will garner even more of a response than the debut EP “Falling Asleep At The Wheel” did.

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