Much to my delight, Irish singer-songwriter, Searls recently revealed he was taking his music in a synth-pop direction for latest single “Scar.” Working with Tileyard Music writer and producer Gil Lewis, the track is noticeably carried along by a pop-sensible vibe. The like of which wasn’t present in Searls previous efforts. From first combining soft, evocative Celtic elements into his music to the change into electronic pop. The singer-songwriter makes it understood the transition is performed with comfortable ease and is a style which suits his soulfully dreamy voice above all else.

A music video has now been unleashed in support of the evocatively blended electronic-pop track. Speaking about the Tim Gardner directed clip Searls explains, “I really wanted to have fun and create something visually stimulating that tells the story of “Scar” from start to finish. I want to give viewers an idea of what they can expect from my live shows. My dancers were choreographed by Pineapple’s Katy Banks, and the video was directed by Tim Gardner. “Scar” is about a love that is intoxicating, but finite. Those stories don’t always have to be sad.”

From the clip, we can assume the live show experience Searls talks about is likely to be buzzing with a sophisticated coolness. A combination of retro-tinged electronic pop and expressionist styled dance movements. I think that sounds as though it would be a very entertaining and enjoyable kind of evening. I can’t wait to hear further details emerge about it. In relation to “Scar,” the artistic aesthetic of the visual, colourfully enhances the tracks buoyant melody. It is interesting to bare in mind, the track was written after the breakdown of a tinder relationship and explores the signs of failing romance in a complicated relationship. That of course, is kinda sad but out of it came a splendid electronic pop track, and in my view that turns things around positively, giving this life event a concluding happier ending.

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