Photo: Anna Jarmolowicz

I have a total new found alternative pop love, with regard to the music by Danish pop kid Asbjørn. Which recently warranted going overboard a little in my appreciation of his body of work pertaining to sophomore album “Pseudo Visions” and visual insight “Brotherhood”.

It is true nonetheless, that there is a strong conceptual and artistic aesthetic steering throughout this project, which see it arrive in truly magical and beguiling splendour. Although, I would be quick to point out that not all of the album is so heavily concentrated upon such harder hitting stylised composition. There is room enough to facilitate a display of tongue-in-cheekiness when it comes to the visual concept which lends itself to album opener “Scandinavian Love”, and which arrives in time for the UK album release.

Serving as one of the more upbeat numbers of the “Pseudo Visions” collection, “Scandinavian Love” lends more scope to see things in a lighter tone, through a more kitsch visual eye.

In seeing this through, Asbjørn takes on the role of a heart-breaker who appears on a 70’s style talk show. Where he is seen in discussion with the Danish Jeremy Kyle of the day, attempting to rid the air of all his philandering ways and relationship woes, with the view of becoming a better boyfriend out of the experience.

Asbjørn has clearly had fun and rolled with it, all whilst retaining the visual conceptual aesthetic of the series.

Does this 70’s nerdy boy look like he could break hearts to you?……. well plot twist incoming! The last few frames of the retro nostalgic visual epic reveal just who the Danish pop kid loves the most or is it just that he is cleansed? Open for interpretation scenario in my opinion!

What I am confident of though, is the overall cuteness of this track, sating my enormous craving for a Scandi-pop sugar rush, and it does so a treat.