I’m shouting out a big hurrah for Sarah Close, she has dropped the video for her brilliantly dynamic new single “You Say” which I wrote about just a short while ago. To recap the song is once again written in Sarah’s signature style of personable lyrics, which I am such a fan of. I feel, if we were to go through her songs, we could pick out those which, we each most relate to on an individual level and make up a soundtrack to our own lives because the topics she speaks about are specifically in an observational style. Her thoughts on real-life situations, suffocating relationships and sharing the low down on her bad dates. Makes us feel a tiny bit better that we are not alone in dealing with our relationship dramas. It’s just that Sarah is brilliantly quick-witted in the art of the eloquent remark, and it is this which endears me and many others to her the most.

With “You Say” Sarah calls out an ex, who persists in pursuing her instead of taking her hints and moving on. This person is making a bit of a nuisance of themselves spinning her lines and Sarah, hurrah is having none of this behaviour, she’s done with it. Sarah then takes this theme into the music video. The clip shows her in an abandoned warehouse, where we see her voicing her opinions about her pestering ex. She’s fired up and reinforces her strength of feeling by dancing expressively in a hugely animated manner.

It is abundantly clear who is in control, it is of course Sarah. It is a role which she has also assumed in real life as well. As previously working alongside Parlophone Records, Sarah is now back in full control releasing music independently through her own The Kodiak Club, label via AWAL. Now her musical pathway has been reset it will again allow her to release the music that best represents who she is as an artist. From here on, she’s taking things head-on and definitely hitting a favourable high note with her fans old and new, with “You Say.”

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