On first glance I thought hello, here we go with another Male Gaga and was expecting this to be just another one bordering on average, but actually although he be a visual pop artist, Wisconsin’s Garek is a deity of industrial electro mastery.

Bordering on a Steve Strange demeanour a liberated Garek shows out his creativity in a stylish presentation and in doing so delivers a candid sexually toned aesthetic, tastefully representative of boy empowerment.


Fed by an industrialised metronomic pulse of throbbing bass, splaying into a power pop chorus – “Save The Queen” is demonstrative of how to stylise and get it right on so many levels.

As the first cut from Garek’s forthcoming EP “Take The King” – “Save The Queen” serves purpose as a fitting introduction of polish, of honesty, whilst being the embodiment of empowerment.

Collect a FREE download, after you’ve had your eyeful of this expressive burlesque menagerie.