Last April, I featured the Purple Disco Machine and Kungs production collaboration on the track “Substitution.” The track went on to amass 300 million streams and 60 million on YouTube since its release. However, at the time of writing, I failed to name the vocalist of the track. This was quite an oversight on my part, and I wanted to give credit where it is due. So here I am giving English singer-songwriter and producer, Julian Peretta the mention he deserves. By no small coincidence, Julian himself has a new track out, “Save The Night,” on which Purple Disco Machine appears as a co-writer and co-producer of the track.

Julian Perretta broke out in 2010 with his critically acclaimed album “Stitch Me Up,” but hasn’t replicated the success as a solo artist. As a collaborator though, Julian has appeared in some of the biggest dance tracks, namely teaming up with Jonas Blue and Lost Frequencies. Yet since, reaping plaudits for the recent collaborative releases, maybe he has a taste for releasing his own solo tracks once more.

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Last new music Friday, he unleashed his latest offering, “Save The Night.” The song comes suitably replete with a night time themed, neon bright video. The track is a glittering electro-pop release with a distinctive euro disco-pop edge. It sounds somewhat akin in style to the brilliant Agnes album “Magic Still Exists.”  Moreover, I believe this track has the potential to reignite Julian Perretta’s solo career, particularly in Europe initially. The song’s vibe reminds me of the tunes frequently played on European radio stations during my visits there.

I haven’t been informed, but I truly anticipate “Save The Night” to signal a new solo era for Julian. This track has only increased my excitement and has me fully engaged. I shall closely monitor Julian Perretta, and if Euro disco-pop is indeed his new direction, readers can anticipate more of my enthusiastic support for him on the blog.

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