Illustrious, all round creative force VV Brown shakes up her soul-dipped sound as she crosses the boundary into her forthcoming “Samson and Delilah” sophomore album campaign.

It is with a somewhat hypnotically obscure and brooding tone that VV throws light onto the conceptual project through the shadowy introductory insight “Samson”.

Minimal and mesmerising, VV embraces the nocturnally ominous 3 am eeriness, spooking us by delivering an ethereally spine-chilling performance with her prolifically animalistic commanding vocals.

Without question a mile step departure in sound for the multi-faceted artiste, but one that shows a deepened level of self-confidence, innovative artistic strength and above all a cultured sophistication metamorphosized through artistic growth.

Samson” is delightfully dark, eclectically haunting and gothically intoxicating.

One considers in suggestion, that VV might have got well into Twilight, Vampire Diaries et al passing time on the tour bus on the back of her debut offering “Travelling Like The Light”.