One of my favorite pop bands of my impressionable teenage years was The Party. Like so many other alumni, The Party were product of The Mickey Mouse Club. The ambitious five fab teens spawned a few decent pop hits like “In My Dreams” and “Thats Why” and even managed to squeeze out a Greatest Hits collection before they disappeared into adulthood for a few years.

Well, The Party are back with a new song and video called “Salute To Summer”! Notably, they are member down now, but still bringing the summer spirit with a new 90’s tinged R&B flavour in the vein of their first big hit called “Summer Vacation”: which seemingly seems to be a sequel which any hardcore Party fan will notice.

It’s pretty clear that The Party isn’t quite over yet for these fun-loving adults now and no matter if they are a mainstream success with their comeback this go round, I’m just happy they are still making music and sharing it with their fans and a new generation of listeners.

There is lots of ways to join The Party with free downloads and such over at their new official website