Manou 2

Aspiring new talent Manou, popped up on our radar a short while ago grabbing our full attention with the alluring sweetness and atmospheric soundscape of introductory number “Sadie”.

While the overall impression we felt coming through “Sadie” reminded us of alot of AlunaGeorge, owing to the swathing use of bassline, freestyled percussion embellishments and of course that oh so comparable, frothily aerated vocal delivery that danced it’s way into to our heads, there is also a noted glacial coolness about the track that many are latching onto.

How about we delve into the “Sadie” video that has just been unveiled in an aid to become further acquainted with the 16 year old half-english half-German doe-eyed Manou behind the track.

Positioned in a contemplatively forlorn repose throughout, Manou relays the tribulations of “Sadie” who is yearningly and impatiently searching for an elusive suitor. To reflect the ruminative mood, Manou takes to a water based theme as representing a pre-emptively expectant move of “Sadie” finally taking the plunge on embarking upon a relationship.

Where there’s a water themed video, granted they’ll also likely be a water baby in a swimming costume…….