I know like all music artists, musicians and those in the entertainment industries, Tove Lo was completely sad with having to postpone a chunk of her European dates of the Sunshine Kitty Tour. The Swedish pop queen soon found a way to feed her fans a treat though. Which came in the way of an English version of Veronica Maggio’s mega-hit “Jag Kommer.” The new reimagining revealed a softer side to her ordinarily, provocative music persona. While the release was a lovely, sparkly interlude, we must treat it as such. Don’t think for a minute that Tove has gone saccharine sweet on us. She’s just unleashed “sadder badder cooler” as a bonus track on a special expanded version of her critically acclaimed fourth studio album, “Sunshine Kitty.” 

It’s been a year since the “Sunshine Kitty” era started, and though everything has hit on ‘pause’ right now, it feels really amazing to tie it all together with all the songs I’m so proud of from the last year,” Tove explains on her latest release. “Until I can go back out and tour this album again I hope all my fans will keep having many dance parties at home.”

I’ve just watched the music video for “sadder badder cooler,” and I’m of the opinion, that dance parties were the last thing on Tove’s mind when she wrote this track with Elvira Anderfjärd. Venturia Animation Studios and dreambear productions are behind the video. Which brings an animated vision of Tove Lo and her pal Sunshine Kitty to fruition. You know, if you consider yourself a potential love interest of the singer, you definitely, don’t want to make Tove mad. Cos the creators of the clip have animated Tove running through her neighbourhood as though she’s channelling, Villanelle from “Killing Eve.” Where one second we see the cartoon bat a seductive eyelid, the next she’s whipping out an arm-length of weaponry, inflicting pain, misery and hurt.

I couldn’t imagine that a heartbreak pop track from Tove would be wallowing and brooding. Empowering, yes. Not unexpected, that what the Swede has turned out, a potentially sad banger which is more kick-ass than any other music artist would be prepared to go.

Check out “Sunshine Kitty” (Paws Prints Edition) on Spotify HERE

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