Royskopp is one of the best production duos in electronic music. The Norwegian beat makers have produced crowd pleasing remixes for Lady Gaga, Depeche Mode and Lykke Li. I was instantly hooked when I heard their collaboration with The Knife singer Karin Dreijer Andersson in, “What Else is There.”  My obsession continued with “Melody AM” on repeat for days. When they collaborated with Robyn for her “Body Talk” album and their 2009 “Junior” record my library flooded with their songs. Royskopp delivers something for all the electronic freaks out there. They can be downtempo chill like in, “So Easy,” or pop fabulous as heard in the Robyn collaboration, “The Girl and the Robot.”

The band returns with the new single, “Running to the Sea” featuring Susanne Sundfor. The song presents Royskopp’s softer side highlighting heartwarming vocals over a progressive dance beat. Susanne Sundfor’s voice is breathtaking. It is so amazing that I couldn’t resist sharing this A+ performance at NRK Lydverket. You never know who you might hear on a Royskopp record which is half the fun in following their music. Susanne Sundfor holds the crown for best collaboration so far.

You’ll see why below.