I suppose we might be forgiven our country-pop misgivings when first introduced to an emerging duo coming out of Nashville, or any soft-pop connotations for that matter, being as the district as such is widely synonymous as the seat of these music genres moreover.

You couldn’t lay claim to either of these notions where The Spin Silhouette are concerned that’s for sure!

Dark edgy, industrially leaning electronica is the name of the game for the production outfit of Chris Scott and Kate Linné, who also takes on the front of house vocal duties.

The duo’s debut commercial release “Runaways” is equal parts Depeche Mode to Client, all broodily tantalising whilst, scoring in a much desired streak of deviant creativity which isn’t quite so abundant as of right now upon the current electronic landscape.

Aside from showing out their impressive skill-set in composition, technique and overall production, the duo certainly know their way around a visual package also.

As broody and moody does, a black and white film clip suits, dressed with imagery that incites intrigue and glimpses into an underworld suggestively embroiled of criminal activity.

Besides there’s nothing quite like watching the sparks fly off of an angle grinder when sharpening up your weapon of choice, The Spin Silhouette seem to favour an axe.

Lastly if its big thumping beats that you’re after the Dirty Mittz remix will see you right.