Noblesse Oblige

Photo: Thomas Peter

Berlin based dark pop duo Noblesse Oblige take us inside their art pop shaped prism of 80’s electronic inspired energy, grasping at the residual electronic pulses of Depeche Mode, Tears For Fears and The Human League, on a sleek and brooding chromed neo-wave of pop noir that re-introduces the band with their newest track “Runaway”.

Unleashing their latest box of tricks, with forthcoming album “Affair Of The Heart”, Valerie and Sebastian as Noblesse Oblige, sought out the stimuli for these subversively visionary, visual art productions at the studio of IAMX, who shot and directed this otherworldly creation concept of abstract neo-goth imagery.

As much as this noir pop impressive, I gotta say, starey Valerie is putting the frighteners up me a bit, in the same eerie way as Channel 4 underworld documentary does.

I hope I’m not alone and that there’s someone out there in the UK with me, getting a whiff of Lynx from this and speculatively expecting to spot a Badger mask in that woods.