Veronika Vesper

Aside from bringing out cosmically dark leaning pop offerings into the world, we’ve come to note space pop giver Veronika Vesper as being especially immersively creative when packaging up a visual.

Owing to her kick ass spirit in which she lives by Veronika runs the gauntlet of uniting the realms of dark and light forwardly championing self-belief over adversity and assertively comes through challenging experiences to warrant the braying sub-pop gravitated cry of I “Rule”.

Reinforcement of Veronika’s positive actioned attitude is duly interpreted into the aesthetically prepped video and brings together both dark and light visions of herself in a head-on presentation of being openingly accepting to the high points and low points of which life is coloured.

By taking in even a diminutive amount of what we have visually set out before us, we can learn a little of how all over-ride our own insecurities and possess Veronika Vesper like empowering super powers.