It wasn’t enough to be a singer-songwriter, LA-based multi-talent CRAY wants it all. She started out as an online-videogame streamer, evolved into a DJ/Producer and subsequently turned her attention to singing and songwriting as well. She’s been busy perfecting her art since 2015 and has a thirst for continually reinventing her sound. It is the anti-valentines track “Roses R Red” which lands CRAY (Cheney Ray) on my radar because there is no way I could not consider CRAY striking or eyecatching. Quite honestly, her emo look makes her stand out and she didn’t look as though she would throw me a mushy love-ballad or an Adele sized heartbreak pop belter. My interest in CRAY immediately grew.

The track has CRAY experimenting with a more lighthearted sound to her more usual soulful, electronic dance-pop creations. Her latest is definitely a sure-fire leap into pop and in a similar lane to Kim Petras or Slayyyter. Her look is kinda like Kerli met with Grimes. Although I don’t think either artist would be quite so dark as to hand-paint white roses with the blood, seeping from a bloody heart (as featured in the supporting video). And that is quite something to say because Grimes has certainly had her moments.

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If I might say CRAY does appear unstoppable in her quest for music mastery. She might want to consider sticking with the pop direction she is dabbling in for a few more tracks. I feel she is onto something with “Roses R Red” and that she has both scope and vision to uniquely carve out her own brand of bubble-pop. She may have earned acclaim for her energetic DJ sets but nonetheless seems ready to take the world by storm as a budding pop songstress as well. What shines most brightly is her own personality, and empowering spirit. And while CRAY isn’t a familiar household name like Katy Perry I’m sure she could be if she put her mind to it.

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