Ace Wilder 1

Much has been made about the Swedish songstress Ace Wilder who emerged out of this years heats of the Melodifestivalen with her attention grabbing ditty “Busy Doin’ Nothin’” and which has gone on to prove itself the honour of one of Swedens’ top tunes of the year.

Due to the resounding success of “Busy Doin’ Nothin’” it has taken a wee while for the follow up to drop, but anyways it’s certainly been worth the wait that we have the fiercesome anti-anthem extravaganza “Riot” come rolling through now with more razzle em dazzle em attitude about it than entire string of Christmas baubles plugged into an electric socket. Not advisable that you should do this of course, but you can imagine the kind of frenetically fizzing kaboom and glittery fallout that would ensue.

A tune for all good girls turned bad and for those others of us that just love a bit of spice sprinkled on top of our pop tarts.

For a pop explosive tune, the video is a bit on the low budget side it has to be said, nonetheless turns out Ace is rather a beaut to look at and we like that she can fair toss a chair in the air like she’s putting out the trash.