I have been waiting for Robert DeLong to come back with a video in support of his razor sharp single “Revolutionary” released this summer. The musician has been feeding his online followers with the tiniest of teaser clips from the shoot. These BTS snippets certainly gave the impression, the end result would include a substantial amount of, special effects content. Chiefly, an array of lasers, lights and a variety of tech pads and devices.

First premiered exclusively with Apple Music, the clip has now reached the more public domains of YouTube/Vevo. Thus enabling many more of us to nerd out with its spark of creative energy. Set in the near future the clip trails Robert jumping a high-security fence of an international satellite communications centre. His hoodie cloaked figure sneaks his way into the compound, dodging past CCTV cameras with panther-like agility. He then gains entry to a room decorated in a pristine shade of icy white, a testing laboratory of some kind. He reaches out to a small dish which is placed on a workbench, picks up a solitary contact lens on his outstretched fingertip. Fits it into his, right-eye. Where after doing so, Robert gains control of some, pretty nifty abilities which can and will happen at the blink of his eye.

My favourite scene in this video is where we see Robert playing a laser beam harp. The padded control paddle we see him using, kinda looks like a fly swatter, if you ask me. Yeah, the electronic pop realm is a place of contrasts where we have Imogen Heap creating electronic masterpieces with her elegant Mi.Mu gloves. Yet, where we also have Robert DeLong lobbing at laser beams with a sturdy paddle. Boys and their toys! Who am I kidding I’d love to get my mitts on either of these extraordinary pieces of kit if even for the briefest of minutes.

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