It takes a lot for me to be impressed by a singer-songwriter, as there are not many that have reached the point of honing their craft, adding a certain edge of distinctiveness that distinguishes them above a saturation of hopefuls all vying for a slice of early acclaim. Just days ago over email, I was introduced to Sam Calver a singer, songwriter, producer, multi-talent based in Hastings, East Sussex and was left pleasantly surprised with enjoyment after checking out debut EP “Midnight” and track “Remind Me“.

When a prominent singer-songwriter hits the big time it sometimes appears, to fire off a telepathic signal to more emerging artists waiting-in-the-wings, if they want a chance of success they should style themselves around what currently proves popular. It’s a boom time for Ed Sheeran and Sam Smith, but it just becomes so, boring when every new artist attempts to emulate even a tiny element of their success. The same, cannot be said of Sam’s “Midnight” EP I found myself rather, switched on by his thoughtful lyricism and dynamic approach. The music certainly didn’t relate to the image in his press photo, I was expecting yet, another two-a-penny, future R’n’B singer when instead I had an encounter with the radio-friendly, pop vibed kind.

The single “Remind Me” showcases Sam’s abilities best in my opinion. His dazzling songwriting and vocals are a bit special, the unfiltered expression of the lyrics gives the song both depth and weight. I find it interesting this largely mainstream geared track also manages to sound that it would hold it’s own, in a big stadium. Whereas, the pared-down supporting video concentrates on an interpretive dance theme and really, brings out the emotional context of the song.

We must remember it’s only the beginning for Sam Calver and the goal of sharing his music with the world is just starting.

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Twitter: @samcalvermusic
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/samcalver/