There has been plenty of shout outs from Shura’s fans for her sophomore album. These mentions started to make an appearance as early as when she finished up promoting the 2016 debut album “Nothing’s Real“. It was in March of this year, the singer, songwriter and producer set her comeback in motion, by way of sensual, sonic slow-burner “BKLYNLDN”. A smooth, mellow groover, offset with funky tendencies. Heartrending sentiment and hypnotic melodies are what Shura gave us on album number one. For the follow-up, just announced as “Forevher” she’s starting from a whole new playing field. And is quick to expedite us another new taste of the sophomore release with the arrival of sexy disco flavoured “religion” (u can lay your hands on me).

The song details the concept of sex, being like a religion. Both powerful topics in which Shura shares her unique insight on. The lyrical content on this album was largely inspired by her long-distance relationship “a classic NYC-to-London, but one told through the totally modern filter of dating apps, unanswered texts, and Skype chats.” A theme which is further explored for “religion (u can lay your hands on me)” through the religious-themed music video of the track.

I have always admired how Shura tastefully, portrays queer love in her music videos. How she broaches intimate subjects organically and with realism. Hers are visuals which always stick in the mind and her latest effort, directed by Chloe Wallace fairs no different. Inspired by Jude Law in “The Young Pope“. Shura is shown as the leader who encourages women to love each other. Of the process, the singer explains “We wanted to make a world of sexiness without being exploitative and iconography without being disrespectful.” The result is sweetly poignant. To top it all, I believe she has created a new benchmark in her music video making.

Shura’s sophomore album “Forevher” arrives August 16th, pre-order here.

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