One of the top tunes that really, perked me up in the run-up to Christmas was Ria Mae’s huge, synth-pop single “Bend“, from the brilliant “My Love” EP. When it came to curating our latest “This Beat Is Poptronik” playlist on Spotify, “Bend” was never going to be anything but the favoured choice to earn the coveted opening spot. By now you should be familiar with the song because you’ve probably noticed the track sitting proudly on our handy Spotify widget at the bottom of our posts. The track is certified Gold in Canada and, has garnered almost five million combined worldwide streams. I’d like to think a few of those plays came from “This Beat Is Poptronik” Playlist 01, 2018. We’ve moved onto a New Year and its also time for Ria Mae to move onto something new. She’s following up with “Red Light“, a gentle, emotive heartbreak pop song.

“It is a song about knowing you’re about to be broken up with,” says Ria. “It’s knowing you can’t change the outcome and trying to prolong the end.” The relationship Ria refers to has reached its red light both in the lyrical and visual sense. The singer-songwriter uses her brilliant, penmanship to tell the unfolding story, by choosing an introspective style of lyricism, builds a feeling of sadness that the relationship in question, didn’t work out. The music video is a reenactment of the lyrics. The clip is, directed by newcomer Tristan Clarke McMurchy and features Toronto-based couple Bronwyn Hope and Kristen Griesbach (Kage.)

Far from being broody the song is packed with an alluring, easy on the ear, tuneful melody. Through the power, harmonies and terrific songwriting it is a confident step forward to ensuring the music of Ria Mae continues to be, embraced, globally.

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