I have lost count of how many times I have had various different publicists in my inbox, raving about AJA while urging me to pick up on the Toronto based pop newcomer. The thing to know when writing in, it is important for me to feel a connection with the music. The main reason I didn’t pick on AJA’s early offerings (and debut EP “It’s Complicated,”) was that I had issues with the music style. That being said, I did love her voice. My feelings were the teen singer needed to grow her artistry and to find her niche. I have just listened to her latest serve “Red Button” and I really, like it. The Disney aesthetic has thankfully been banished, replaced with more authenticity, and pop power.

AJA shares about “Red Button.”

“When someone breaks your heart, I mean really breaks your heart, it’s easy to hit the Red Button and decline their call. Knowing when to walk away from toxic or negative moments in your life is very important for self-growth!”

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With this track, it feels like AJA has found her fire. I am loving how empowered and un-fazed she is. There is still an element of adorable about her but she’s grown tall and worked out a sound and style which is not only helping with getting her voice heard, be remembered also. In general, as well as great lyrics I want to hear more powerhouse explosiveness when I listen to female artists. The energy is so liberating and freeing. Icona Pop owned this once, although have appeared to have quietened down quite considerably. I had previously never considered AJA as a fierce replacement. She has proved me wrong with “Red Button.” I’m not mad, I’m intoxicated by AJA’s sudden switch up of gears. I might have to keep a closer eye on her from now on because if I heard “Red Button” on my radio I would without hesitation blast up the volume.

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