I’ve just been sent over the new video for Alison Moyet’s latest single “Reassuring Pinches” and oh my, it’s got me really turned back on to her music again.

I must admit I’ve gone a bit wayward with what’s been happening musically with Alison down the years since scoring hit singles on the charts. I do know that she’s kept the solo career on a very active keel though and that her last album in 2013 “The Minutes” was very well received of critical acclaim.

The difference to the Alison Moyet of 30 years ago to the artist she’s become today is absolutely shaped in the music, which definitely has its accent pointed towards the artistry and creativity more than accruing chart success. Pairing up with Guy Sigsworth for “The Minutes” brought to light an artistic partnership which has allowed Alison to evolve within the alternative lane of pop. The place where Alison picks up from again with Guy Sigsworth as she enters into her next album,“Other”.

I’m loving this latest track “Reassuring Pinches”, more than anything I’ve heard Alison enter into since the late 1990’s. From the almost orchestrated synths, which flow with movement that would befit a scene from a ballet to the moodily impressive tones in the timbre of Alison’s familiar, bluesy, powerhouse vocal. It’s all rather synthronic and special.

The video matches the mood of the song with black and red lit grainy frames of visuals concentrating on Alison singing her heart out exuding style, poise, grace and a slight edge of pensiveness. It is a combination that suits and provides a stunning new alternatively sourced sensibility upon Alison’s already extensive resume.

Dates for Alison’s UK tour in October/November 2017 can be found here.