The Brit Awards have come and gone for another year. For a third time, Aphex Twin received a nomination in the Best Male Solo Artist category. Sadly, the pioneering electronic artist didn’t bag the gong – George Ezra took that one home. Should we have expected otherwise? After all, at The Brits, you do tend to expect the mainstream acts to claim the top prizes. Settling for recognition is therefore seen as a little victory when your music leans towards the unconventional and is driven by artistry more than trends.

Similarly, artistic integrity is a driving force for London-based NEO 10Y. The designer turned music artist thrives in using intricate narratives, and conscious lyricism combined with cinematic and industrial production in his works. His latest piece “Reality Check” brings to light the creatives exploration into these areas with empowering themes. On this track specifically, tackling patriarchy and injustice.

Regarding “Reality Check” NEO 10Y further explains,

“It’s a conversation between me and the universe/my higher self, and also the patriarchy. It is also a “pay me” anthem. I wanted to write a money manifestation song for us all so that we can all live in peace on this planet.

We don’t all need 7 Rings levels of income, but it would be nice if we could collectively provide for every human that needs base level support. Luxury communism for all. “Daddy” in the song is the patriarchy.”

NEO 10Y is asking for a “Reality Check” crucially at a time when the UK political landscape is in a dire mess. The daily life struggle is real for many people. With those not existing on affluent means, just getting by enough to survive. The feeling as though they are treading water stuck in one place unable to progress. To be always looking for the positive light in a situation can be draining on the soul. Nevertheless looking to the light and the human spirit within us is what inevitably pulls us through.

In the illuminating video to this song, we see NEO 10Y pull out a megaphone to talk with the universe. A way to unburden, his daily life struggle. He is angry, he wants change, as desperately as many of us also do. It is a small act with a big hope riding on it. Wishing on the mystic energies of the solar system as a way of providing some healing. We are left in no doubt, he is passionate about his art, his craft and the planet which he and we live in.

The work is forthright and inspiring, to say the least.

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