I really wish I could love Florrie’s slow-burning new single “Real Love” as much as I am enjoying the retro steeped video!

It just feels like we have been left waiting for so long on the whole debut album to actually happen that maybe I was expecting something of more biting impact to embed itself between my ears, when the whole shebang of the album project began to take hold.

Don’t get me wrong “Real Love” is pleasantly dizzying enough in an Ellie Goulding kind of way, but by blogging and thus, documenting Florrie’s evolving journey into the pop artist with charting potential. We’ve seen her charting so many waters maybe a soupcon more dynamic than “Real Love“.

I’m just gonna justify my initial thoughts as being a soft launch because she’s been away for so long and that the follow-on single release to this, will be the harder hitter because she’s got to build and keep our interest with her for the arrival of the debut album FINALLY slated for release this autumn.

What I DO have a ‘real love’ about with regard to this new release is the video, which is essentially Florrie parading around in a vintage wardrobe of garments and styling them out like a trooper. By gosh em’ we even gets to see the chanteuse in her negligee!

It’s a bit kitsch and has a good feel good vibe, even right through to the eery watery ending.

A few more spins of this, I’m sure I’ll feel differently. For now I see it all like going off on a blind date. Yep I enjoyed it, but no claps of thunder were felt or urge to take flight and run away into the sunset. Enjoyable enough though, for a peck on-the-cheek and the promise of a second date.