I held back from posting about “Ready For Your Love.” The latest collaboration from German DJ/producer Felix Jaehn featuring Sophie Ellis-Bextor. Notably, because I decided to wait for the music video to premiere. I felt it was a 50/50 gamble that the clip may feature Sophie in some way. Sometimes a little patience pays dividends. However, my tactical move of waiting did not work out this time. Alas, no Sophie or Felix, feature in the video. Yet, all is not lost. I still have the track to wax lyrical about and a music video that is stunning to watch.

It’s not unlike Sophie to team up with a DJ since she has done this frequently in her music career. Furthermore, it was the link up with the Italian DJ Spiller on the Italo disco-pop track “Groovejet” that brought Sophie to everyone’s notice in the first instance. In fact, I feel we’ve come to expect the release of at least one huge collaboration from her per year. Therefore, invited by multi-award-winning Felix Jaehn to provide vocals on the EDM summer-ready anthem “Ready For Your Love” is the perfect suitor for Sophie’s distinctive, bright, articulate singing voice.

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Felix Jaehn is renowned as a global hitmaker with a long-standing reputation. Having collaborated and remixed for some of the biggest names in pop, he commands a significant presence in club and festival settings. These are just a few traits that Felix shares with Sophie. Moreover, it’s increasingly evident that they are destined to come together to create a dancefloor sensation.

At the beginning of this post, I initially expressed dismay about the absence of Sophie or Felix in the music video for “Ready For Your Love.” However, the video’s emphasis on showcasing the emerging talent of Derek Holloway (“Stupid Love” – Lady Gaga, The Greatest Showman – live promo), sends a powerful message. It encourages us to shift our focus from what’s missing to celebrating and supporting Derek’s remarkable skills in the dance world. Directed by Raw Souls (Amélie Sigmund & Julian Kleinert). The video provides a rare platform for Derek to display his talent to a wider audience. His captivating performance, in this video in challenging conditions like the scorching heat of Death Valley and amidst the vibrant atmosphere of a club. Truly highlights his exceptional abilities.

When the creative industries pull together to lift one another up, it is joyful to marvel at. So when we watch the “Ready For Your Love” video, let’s be mindful to celebrate with and support the skill of a rising talent in the dance world.

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