Let’s get this correct. How old is Troye Sivan? The internet tells me he is 25 years old. This being the case. He’s not in the throes of middle-age, as I am yet, by all accounts as his latest track reveals Troye already has a yearning to be a “Rager teenager!” again.

I was given to believe that the singer’s upcoming “In A Dream” EP was written well before the pandemic took a grip. Although the track “Rager teenager!” seems suggestive of having too much think time. As a similar scenario as when having been locked up in our homes. The little things which have niggled away at the back of our minds for a long time. May have suddenly gained the opportunity to be processed, or dealt with. Or is it, that this weird experience has made us want to stop being adults, yearn to act a little reckless and get away with it, as we did in our youth. As we adhered, to the belief associated with our formative years of not knowing, any better.

Either way, Troye has sure gone introspective on these recent tracks. Right now, I guess most of us will admit to wanting to turn the clock back. I’m not so certain, myself, I’d particularly wish to be a teenager again, but, Troye definitely appears to want to take a journey back to these years. He actually seems to miss the chaos, the freedom and the difficult, figuring-it-out bit. How odd! Sometimes when I’ve been out shopping, and I’ve seen a child throw a tantrum in their pram. I’ve wanted to be that toddler, who screams out loud and instantly rid myself of stress and negativity. But never once have I had a hankering to be a teenager as Troye feels compelled to do. However, I can appreciate the spark of excitement this ignites inside.

The video for the track was filmed by, Troye himself. He obviously does most of his thinking in the bathtub, or the lighting worked out better in there.

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