The title of Jenny Wilson’s latest single is pure poetry in itself.
Emerging through the other side of a recurring cancer battle, the Swedish electro-pop siren is now building her heavy scars into art. On ‘Pyramids (Rose Out Of Our Pain)’ every positive lick of inspiration and strength gleaned from her personal struggle gets poured through a lyrical paint strainer, and out of it comes colourful biblical metaphors and the deep-purpled imagery of history’s strife. It’s Jenny venting the injustices and spiritual hardships of what life has put her through, via some symbolic  & straight-up killer lines…

“Problems, problems, made us rot, Tutankhamun died as a child. Nectar bleeds out of this root, floods of blood run through Beirut!”

[youtube height=”HEIGHT” width=”WIDTH”]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XfyZ18Ftpy0&feature=youtu.be[/youtube]

However, despite the song’s blistering subject matter, texturallyPyramids‘ is an altogether playful and infectious offering. Arabian pan flutes, pulsing synths and propelling guitars all get their subtle or not-so-subtle turn, as Jenny raps the pain away with a riotous ‘Rapture’-esque Debbie Harry delivery of eighties incantations:

Give us hunger, give us drought, give us poor some water, give me holes in my hands…Pyramids rose out of my pain!

Her voice swells and sinks over a broiling, tropical beat, as though the cool air from her lungs is being carried by a hundred or more miniature hot air balloons across a storming ocean. One minute she’s channeling the rich and high-pitched tones of Joni Mitchell, the next she’s a breathy and dangerously sexy PJ Harvey.


Overall, Jenny Wilson sounds more unique and exciting than she’s ever done. Conquering the big ‘C’ has given her a new lease of life and with that she continues to push herself harder, experimenting with the magnetic thoughts and sounds that lie in her head like tiny iron filings. And by the time ‘Pyramids…’ comes to a close, morphing into a starry ear-pool of fading chimes, crackles and tinkling piano notes – like a fairground dissolving into the dirt – you’re already thirsting to join her on whatever journey she’ll conquer next.

Be sure to check out Jenny Wilson‘s 3rd full-length studio album ‘Demand The Impossible!‘ available to the UK on iTunes: