I am utterly floored after being introduced to this young lady called Lupa J. She’s an Australian, who I totally knew nothing about until the press release for her new single “Put Me Back Together” landed in my inbox.

I think you’ll agree Lupa has a somewhat distinctive look and matches her style in alternatively made electronic pop. She thinks outside the box, which completely whips up the excitement in me. Of the music, it comes in under the same territory of such learned alternative-pop purveyors as Grimes, FKA Twigs and Portishead.

It didn’t take me more than one spin of “Put Me Back Together” for my thirst for knowledge to kick in. I couldn’t quite believe it when I found out that Lupa is only now 19 years old and I was grounded even more astonished that she’s already been nominated as Triple J Unearthed finalist twice in succession.

What is going on here in “Put Me Back Together” is hugely captivating. A lush blend of electronica which manifests quite organically and luxuriantly otherworldly.

In this instance a DIY style video is the right vehicle to go with, as it fluidly sums up the feel and movement of the song.

Now that I’ve been enlightened to Lupa J, I won’t be losing sight of her. I’m greatly entranced by what she has to offer.