Big news! Kazaky has re-awoken. The Ukrainian dance-pop troupe who previously made an impression with their art-meets-pop aesthetic for singles “Crazy Law”, “Touch Me”, “What You Gonna Do” and “Your Style” among others. Are back from a long period of quietness with some additional members, more fire in their belly than ever and a new track “Push”. From what I understood, they had parted ways to pursue individual projects. Which was certainly true of Artur Gaspar, who in the interim released a flurry of singles. However, the slim-line Kazaky was beckoned back to the live stage last year, they on embarked on a cabaret cruise stint. It appears as though it has given the guys an appetite to fire up their heels once again. So now they have formally announced, they are reborn and have some new members. Although we don’t know who the new hotties are yet, we haven’t been introduced.

I am over the moon to see them pointing their toes and voguing once more. Because it came to my notice, there are some similar acts from Europe. Who unsuccessfully tried to get a break on UK variety talent shows like Britains Got Talent. The rest just haven’t cut the mustard in the way Kazaky do. Namely because of the meaningful statements which are at the pinnacle of the art-pop outfit’s main objectives.

Following teasers over recent days, “Push” has arrived with a supporting music video which is everything compelling, artful and armed with a story. In the most real sense, which goes deeper on issues concerning having the freedom to live as your true self in the face of conservative societies. The band has put out an enlightening statement which explains detail. It can be found in the description area of their YouTube upload for the video if you fancy a longer read.

If you are happy to allow the music and visuals do the explaining about the track, you will find all that the band want to say equally as understandable. Keywords from the song to take on board are “Dance is my freedom”, “My show’s my story” and “My heels are my weapon”. These powerful statements make for powerful choreography. Kazaky has lost none of their edge when expressing themselves. If anything, they are sharper and more intrepidly, insightful, in their work than they have ever ventured before.

Fingers crossed on hearing and seeing more from Kazaky soon.

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