I love when a pop artist puts out a song which is styled in a completely different lane to what I have come to expect. In respect of morgxn, more so of late, at least since the release of the debut album “vital.” I anticipate magnetic anthems which pulsate, with vibrant, uplifting arrangements. Teamed with authentic narratives, formed of lyrics which may as well as have been stitched on-his-sleeve. When morgxn shares a new song with us there, is every chance it will end up more melodically diverse each time.

When he put out “OMM!” I really felt the sizeable shift in dynamic. I referred to the track as his “Bowie” moment. I am glad he decided to stick with this trend and expand upon it because he’s just unleashed an absolute corker by way of latest effort “Pump The Break.” A track which advocates pushing forward with our hopes and aspirations. In a comment made on Instagram, morgxn shared that he…

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“almost didn’t release this song because I thought what’s the point, but the point to me is that there is something revolutionary about having hope at this moment.”

He didn’t realise at first, yet exactly being the pragmatic voice we needed to hear. The track has morgxn marching to the beat of his own kick-drum, and we should follow a similar suit. Shape the future, learn from the past. The buzzy, quirky beats, of “Pump The Break” will guide you there. From all angles, a future-forward track. If the off-kilter melody doesn’t reel you in at first listen, the inescapable groove will, for sure.

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