karmin (1)

Pop, sometimes hip-hop, duo Karmin have experienced quite an enjoyable transformation since their first mainstream single “Brokenhearted” dominated airwaves in early 2012. Since then, the duo of Amy and Nick have released their debut EP and are moving on toward their official debut album, Pulses, out next week.

Preceded by two very different singles, the hip-hip flavored “Acapella” and the disco-inspired “I Want It All“, Karmin are showcasing a broad range for their upcoming official introduction to the US audience. For their third offering, the duo have revealed a music video in support of their album’s title track. Featuring a minute-long intro by George Takei (Star Trek fans what up?), the new song features a shirtless Nick and his impressive vocals on the catchy pop chorus while Amy graciously gives a commendable rap performance throughout the verses.

I wanna make you heart beat, I love it when it beats for me,” Nick sings on a chorus that shines and becomes a nice balance to Amy’s vocals. It seems that after venturing out with new sounds and production for their last couple of singles, Karmin are giving devoted fans something a bit truer to their original style from their days as a YouTube sensation and covers of “Super Bass” and “Look At Me Now”.

Pulses” is yet another strong and memorable cut from Karmin‘s upcoming, often delayed, debut album of the same name. It goes a bit harder than their previous releases, showcases a rougher side to Amy’s adorable exterior and features a better-than-expected performance from Nick on a great pop chorus that will be hard to escape.