We can keep dancing while we wait for the new Daft Punk album. After years of EPs Kavinsky released “Outrun,” an incredible full length album showcasing the classic French house sound that makes you want to drive fast under the moonlit sky. “Outrun” is loaded with heavy synths, electric guitar riffs and minimal vocals. There is a song for all electronic music lovers featuring elements of pop, hip-hop and dance.

Kavinsky is just as clever as his music. He is an imaginative character created by Vincent Belorgey who has been reincarnated into an electronic producer. The character died tragically in a car crash in 1986 and his story comes full circle in “Outrun.”  Each song paints a different portrait of his haunting story. The comic book story-line helps the music to feel like the score to a 1980s film.

In, “Outrun” we are reintroduced to songs from earlier EPs in addition to new material. While vocals are kept to a minimum there are a few collaborations including Havoc of Mobb Deep in “Suburbia.” The lead single “Protovision” sounds like the intro to a twisted movie, yet it is still calm enough to make you want to tune in. Like a good movie, you have to know what happens next.

The mood in “Outrun” takes a dramatic approach similar to a classical music piece. It reminds me of the compositions by French composer and electronic music pioneer Jean Michel Jarre. Those piercing synths command emotion! In the 13 track album Kavinsky takes us on the ride of a lifetime. Like in real life, “Outrun” is full of incredible highs and thought provoking lows. It is music like this that reminds me of how important it is to experience albums from beginning to end.

Get to know Kavinsky in his latest video for, “Protovision.” Tell your friends you fell in love with a Zombie today!