Come through L Devine. Consider me already a fan of the emerging singer-songwriter. After noticing the track “Boring People“, I was convinced she would make a big splash in 2020. Before Covid-19 arrived, things were, setting up so well for (O)L(ivia) Devine. I really thought it was her time to shine. I became uberly excited by singles “Boring People” and “Don’t Say It“. I desperately wanted to hear more. Although I absolutely had some catching up to do as well. As restrictions kicked in, a planned tour suddenly got put on ice. In its place came the URL tour. L Devine was among the first livestream adopters. Looking back as I do now. It was special being able to see her put on these shows and quite pioneering in a way. Not least because of reaffirming, the breakthrough was getting nearer.

I am yearning for L Devine to break through even more now than I did in 2020. And she’s come out ready. Summoning up potential tastemaker recognition early with a new mixtape “Near Life Experience” Part One arriving, 30th July, preceded by liberating anthem, “Girls Like Sex” and the new track “Priorities“. Premiered as Hottest Record in the World with Annie Mac on Radio 1, the singer declared the track “a proper L Devine song”. As if to say, this is the sound of L Devine, now. You won’t be hearing any negative comments from me about it. As I was struck by how Kylie and La Roux, like the track, appears in parts. And that “Priorities” is resolutely pop as can be.

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True to form, L Devine’s songcraft smacks of intelligence. She gives an honest account about unbalancing in a relationship. Shares lots of clever references of this coupling being off-kilter with one another yet recognises a spark of electricity still exists between them. It’s a little tragic but not the full bonafide measure of sad-pop gloominess. This comes down to the pragmatic style of lyricism used. An astute move from L Devine and the writing team of Diederik Van Elsas, Nate Cyphert, Parrish Warrington. The music video is similarly clever in the way it draws you in. You are filled with a sense that something is about to happen, but you don’t quite get an inkling of what this might be. L Devine remains the centre of attention throughout, and you won’t be able to take your eyes off of her.

The sound of “Priorities” is so fresh and raw, expect tastemakers to be all over the mixtape “Near Life Experience” Part One when it drops.

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“Near Life Experience” tour dates through September and October 2021 are ON SALE now.

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